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He’s not breaking Betz's law - Wikipedia. He has no regard for the truth, that makes him a bullshitter and with that the exact wrong kind of person to follow if you want to learn stuff. He’s filling your head with gobbledygook.

If you have a result like that you don’t go that’s interesting, anyway…, which he does often the times I managed to suffer through part of another video of his, you go hmm, where did I make a mistake…

The video could have been a nice intro on how to better measure wind turbine output and his struggles to get more accurate results, from which we could have learned something. Instead we got this. Don’t waste your time with rubbish when there is so much content available that isn’t rubbish, again, for the love of fuck.

Any comment of yours that includes a link to his videos gets an automatic down vote from me.

You lost me at «Betz beater». Ok if you just want to waste time, many things are as good as any other to get fired up about to have some fun building things.

But, if you like me are concerned with actually learning how to produce energy from the wind in a sensible manner (not just for fun, though it is ok to have fun being serious)… then just start investigating and eventually you will know that if someone claims «Betz beater» it is probably bot worth your attention.

@Windy_Skies gave you some sound advice here @Freeflying . Probably though, because I never read how he was planning to beat the Betz limit


it just thought but its it possible to have something like this VTOL, and be an improvement on Makani? have anyone here considered wireless transmission to ground station? I’ve seen reference to drone used here? i wonder if it possible to have a drone completely untethered? but beaming electricity back to a ground station? wardencliff was telsa attempt of wireless transmission, i doubt he would of seen a drone take up the challenge? fly by wire is quite common if advance aviation projects. ive never heard of directed energy transfer being use in AWES it also out get round the tethers issue? if it has take off capacity? and is using gravity to generate the need power like some gliders do? i reckon you might have something? easy deployment and recovery. they can also have pre set landing zone. so getting round some regulations? but getting planning board on board will be challenging? might help if defence contractors have their say? Makani was good but didn’t have freedom of movement.

Wireless power transfer - Wikipedia
how close would you need to be for this to work effectively?

I think if you solve the conductive wire by using wireless (laser being my first choice) there are still other issues to be solved with the Makani approach. So maybe removing the cable is not really the next step? I would expect just making the nominal power in low winds was something you would solve before looking at wireless transmission…

I dont think though that wireless transmission is feasible though. In that case probably in the opposite direction, a laser pointing from ground to kite. Electric wireless seems to be very depending on distance between coils which should be close to zero…

wireless in itself is way above me it serious kit ive yet to play with. it was merely thought experiment on my part to see if there was a possible use? it also depend highly to style of transmission to ground stations? would take better brain than me to get that functional? compact tesla coil with tracking? but then you might get jest of death rays? swings and roundabouts. good to hear you thoughts @tallakt. i might agree a laser could do the job? though will have to wait and see? if anyone else has thoughts please do join in?

i had a wild idea on re-entry vehicles this morning? i wonder if it could cross over with AWES? I’m aware of autonomous rockets use to so supply the international space station. so light bulb went off saying is it possible to generate from re-entry? this happen after thinking golf ball dimple could slow re entry by redirecting the gasses to slow the vehicle down. a question i just asked NASA about you know those brain are up their in the field. I previously mentioned as a possible launch and repeat AWES? sort of a jumping jacks style AWES
im not use how feasible the idea is? any thoughts?

Ideas like these are off-topic for this forum.

Try making a kite or an rc plane and seeing how you can use it to pull on a string to turn a generator. Questions and ideas about that would be an example of what this forum is for.

If you are interested in development in rocket landings, you can do some reading here for example:

More losers than winners: investigating Anthropocene defaunation through the diversity of population trends

Seems like if anyone could deliver today, Ukraine might build AWE. Reason; even lower materials cost and easier to install, on paper


If it is true what they publish on their Website, SkySails Power should be able to deliver.
They started series production of systems a while ago and have an operational system in Mauritius
Mobile ground stations should be less vulnerable (easier to hide or confuse the enemy with decoys) than conventional wind towers, which might be an important advantage in the current situation.
So all that seems to be missing is a bunch of money and perhaps a decision on a political level…

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I would be cautious placing too much faith in statements of “operational” systems. The idea is to keep some hope with investors etc. Try to find any evidence or indication of actual regular operation. Demos and prototypes are good, but not necessarily reliable for daily production. Output claims can be impressive, but do they represent what one would expect in daily operation? When demo projects are abandoned, shut down, mothballed, placed on hold, or just not run very often, if at all, there is usually no big press-release. :slight_smile:

A demonstration wind park should have a live stream of the kites flying, and displaying:

Power being generated now: ___
Average power generated over last 7 days: ___
Capacity factor: ___
Days since last outage: ___
And so on: ___

That’s one milestone that should build trust and interest. Then if someone wanted to buy a system, independent reviews of the system from a user’s perspective, and pricing and longevity and service agreements that makes sense, would make sense.


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Chapter 15: Turbine Selection and Purchase - Windustry

righty oh, gives me something to aim at.
as you mentioned wind parks ive had an idea a while back? it be brewing like wine in my skull?
it has a maglev rotor? would fit with the post i mention 27day ago? during the suspended awes talk on slow chat.

admittedly toying with a few ideas? magnetically levitated finial as the main rotor was rather barmy? though not 100% certian bout how this would work? id imaging it possible to weave conductor into the materials? maybe even graphene coated? the design of the finials are like the top of the onion domes in Moscow or Russian orthodox churches. it was also design to be bird friendly? easy to assemble? just depend on your idea of what a wind park is? i did have a vision kite being used to represent local families like giant billboard in the sky? stretched across the bay near me? the vison i had was somewhere near Highcliffe? with them following the cliff line? size would be relative to needs? but if you have thousand of them? it would look rather awesome? we do have abandoned coastguard and radar station? which could be brought back to use as a power terminus? not sure how easy it would be to sway my local council? they have been look in to wind farm for some time? though there have been many objection from concerned members of the public?

in some of the ideas I had it does involve ion inducers? to make a bio pump of sort or to create a breeze when there isnt one?
eco friendliness was certainly on my radar. i had been thing of getting really clever and making the rotor with poly magnetic fields? or even have them look like Chinese’s lantern at night?

it just a question do you want hundred of larger turbines? are thousands of smaller turbines? i know it all add up? from what i just read it look like there’s a push for huge GW arrays. in the sense of direction? so is the goal to have TW capacity in the next 20 years? i know it will take some organise and combined effort to pull it off? plug and play system would help a lot for rapid installation? you also have the possibility of multiple layers. with the sky being the limit? i do like the barrage approach to wind?

trust and collective effort is really smart way to go. especially if the are expertise you require but cant easily deliver on your own. this would apply to me on a Santa cluas level? so give me two really option be a helper of be helped by hundreds of helpers? as i know there certian thing im not all to familiar with? the former rather than later would be representative in my case? that just my 10cents on it? i know i have some major obstacle to overcome before i’m in deep? i’m look at this from hobbyist eyes? i’m sure there details i will have to brush up on?
but there a fair few sign post here i can follow? if i get lucky and end up with a workshop? then the sky the limit as ive been told on many occasion?

with all that said? looks like awes will need all the luck it can get in this challenging market?
good luck everyone! may fortune favour the bold?

If you are an individual wanting to buy a single turbine, it would be hard to even be taken seriously, as a start. How much effort does anyone want to put into (maybe) selling one turbine? And you won’t have a dedicated maintenance staff on hand so you want low maintenance and reliability. My advice is to pick a model that us not “trying too hard”. Just a basic turbine, not a “low wind speed” turbine cuz the longer, heavier blades will be an issue. The greatest turbine in the world is worthless if it isn’t running.
Meanwhile, CHAT GPT: If you had asked Chat GPT what the James Webb telescope was going to see, ahead of the fact, it would have surveyed everything the most credentialed astrophysicists said, and it would have been wrong. AI as a field has been around for decades. Don’t buy into the current hype cycle. It’s computers - subject to “garbage-in/garbage-out”! :slight_smile: