Terminology - classification

Something I’m working on:
It’s supposed to become an introduction to the different kinds of awes with examples.

The usual distinction between flygen and yoyo could enter two larger categories. I evoked downwind (yoyo) and stationary (flygen and rotating) systems but they could also be named respectively as
thrust and torque systems.

Adding here Flygen-Yoyo Terminology, which tethers the flygen to the surface to make power at the kite.

“thrust” means pushing and tension is “negative thrust”

classification is tricky.

USP 3987987 fig1a,5,5a- crosswind-power-arch proposed term

The two categories, which I’ve temporarily named “Drag-loaded” and “Anti-lift-loaded” are based on this understanding: Terminology - forces
The underlying question is: In which direction does the force apply which is used to do work?
The names are terrible, but when using the names Drag and Lift it’s a bit confusing, because in drag the “working” force is in the same direction as drag, but with lift the “working” force is opposing lift.

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Hmm flygen and yoyo are useful terms but as categories they don’t include daisy or kitewinder.
Downwind corresponds to what I called “anti-lift-loaded” and stationary to “drag-loaded”. When thinking of stationary, things like the BAT aerostat come to mind, but not kites flying crosswind fast.
Don’t understand the thrust and torque disctinction.

It is the reason why I indicated that “flygen and yoyo could enter two larger categories” you name ““Drag-loaded” and “Anti-lift-loaded”” or I name “downwind and stationary” or “thrust and torque”.

Drag-loaded systems contain only flygens, not Daisy and other rotating kite systems, this name being due to the added drag by the secondary turbines.

Stationary systems can contain both flygen and rotating systems.

Thrust (replacing “downwind”) systems replacing “lift systems” as yoyo devices use lift but also drag (not the same drag as flygen) in downwind direction due to the low elevation angle, as producing axial force.
Torque (replacing “stationary”) for flygen and rotating systems, and also current wind turbines, as producing tangential force.

ChristofB’s AWE Mind-Map is a good start at classification. JoeF’s AWE Glossary is the mother-lode of existing terminology. This might be the best place to for meta-analysis and new terminology.

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