Toyota's Visionary Mothership Project

Toyota’s Mothership is quite a grand AWE vision, just as long predicted of Japan on the Old Forum. As we await online sharing of the detailed AWEC2019 Mothership Poster, this link to the Oklahoma State University partner’s page serves as a tiny window into the news-

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From the Abstracts, just enough Poster resolution to read captions. Too many mythic and radical resonances to note at once. Toyota is serious, and we can almost make out Godzilla rousing undersea, but lets not start a panic. Motherships interconnected aloft (advanced topology) is my favorite feature.

Pasted text partly turned to salad-

"In the near future, many of the developed countries are likely to face energy & environment challenges, accompanied by migration of people from rural areas to the smart cities and increase in the social debt. Japan is likely to be ‘top runner’ in facing them. We are considering a novel solution to address these challenges using the westerly Jetstream above Japan. The westerly jetstream is a high- density, seemingly endless renewable energy source, 10km above the ground, generated by the heat transfer from tropical to pole, that induces air convection (physics) with the specific earth shape, size and rotation (occasionallucksforJapan)‘Mothership’isavisionaryfuturistic novel project, in which we are proposing to use a large tethered kite, that utilizes the westerly jet stream to fly at high altitude and offer many social benefits, i.e. ‘harvest energy’, to move heavy payload in remote areas as a ‘sky crane’, to help global optical wireless satellite communicationnetworkasa‘relaystation’eveninheavy clouds. Webelievethatthe‘Mothership’projectshowsa largepotentialtostimulatemanyindustriesandventures byofferinginnovativesolutionsandhelptosavefromfuturesocialcrises. This project vision has been approved as a challenging venture and is considered as one of the most important innovative projects in Toyota. Our global team consists of members from Japan, United States and Europe, whoareworkingonactualengineeringdevelopment. We willshareourvision,thecurrentprogressandremaining challenges.