Twingtec update

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Lets give due credit for the cautious Twingtec Swiss-Canadian eVTOL kiteplane team. They have not blindly over-scaled like better-funded competitors like Ampyx and Makani, but have cautiously and patiently refined at modest scale. CoreyH even travelled to China to develop manufacturing connections, so mass Twing production could fire up rapidly.

Urgent design barriers remain in place; its not time for sea-farms yet, nor does any flying platform lethally dangerous to operators and bystanders have good prospects. Twing could even scale back somewhat, to better deliver the first viable AWES in the eVTOL kiteplane class. RolfL’s estimate of three years to commercialization is optimistic.

Loyd’s vision of a C-5A Galaxy class wing remains the long view. The Graphene Revolution has to occur, and aviation automation and AWE engineering greatly advance as well.

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