AWES Initiator Lifting Devices

Incorporating Take Off phase only components into AWES airframes reduces overall operational performance.
I think we can agree that’s a universal issue.
e.g. do we really want VTOL on our AWES during operational flight?, or a Mast linked to our Ground Stations?

AWES Initiator Lifting Devices have previously been suggested. They are (would be) devices which provide an initial lift boost, to our operation oriented components, to overcome the energy needed to reach viable operation. This raises the system up from ground at low cut in speeds for start up.

I reckon for each of the existing AWES designs there is a potential AWES Initiator Lifting Device which could be implemented to improve operational performance.

In most cases this would be a drone, taking the main components to altitude, then decoupling.
This still leaves the challenge of landing your AWES in all conditions… but you now have a lighter craft (or set of crafts)

This does add complexity, cost and neglects reconnection reset phase for now - This thought is a bit - all you have to do is… but
Is there an AWES whose operation phase performance would not benefit from addition of an Initiator Lifting Device?

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The Pyramid had this idea that the kites were launched directly from the ground and powered by the generator in reverse for the first few meters. So that would be a candidate for that last question. Though the cartwheel is not such a far leap from a mast.

I gather a moving mast like the cartwheel has kind of would allow more launch per
material use, though at the cost of complexity.

Makani did an early video showing a kite launched bu compressed air. Its a neat idea but not very scalable.

Seems to me the only feasible way to automate huge lifters is the russian doll «mamoschka» principle, where a smaller kite launches
a slightly bigger one, then repeat until you have enough.

Also on the same theme, my idea for a fold out lifter, at the back of a drone. But even this one would probably have a very small kite launched first, to pull out the main pilot kite from the drone.

Endless options. Maybe time to consult the oracle AI? :slight_smile:

Just adding links to some related threads…

Just figured out, it should be Babushka dolls…

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Gosh, AWE was going to have been so SIMPLE! All we needed was all the “smart people” to get a few million dollars so they could show us how to make energy flying kites! Something has gone horribly wrong!!! What happened??? :0…

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My concept of an LTA lifting table certainly serves this purpose. The kite and the table must be restrained at a fixed location on the ground for autonomous launch. To preserve this fixed location I recommend auxiliary lines attached to the corners of the kite and lifting table. A mechanical, pneumatic or scissor lift would also be suitable but I feel that this is overkill because the weight of a lifter kite is relatively small.