Fairing around tethers also to add lift?

About fairing of a tether:

About of fairing of a submarine cable:

Reducing the drag of a tether is an objective. The means described, such as the profiling of the tether, may suggest that it is also possible to add lift with an appropriate angle of attack, by means of alternative architectures in which only the tethers and their fairing elements are retained, thus perhaps becoming a flexible tether-blade rotor hold by suspension lines (also including fairings?).

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Yes. And there are stable wing profiles out there used by flying wings that could be used so that the fairing would be stable in pitch and still lifting (reflex profiles)

I think a problem would be friction between the tether and fairing. If the fairing is just sliding, the pitch angle will be wrong. At least I see this. most likely. If you add ball bearings, it will be heavy and complex. If you use vibrators, things fall apart and you get noise…

There are other uses I thought of but could not share at this time. :stuck_out_tongue:

We discussed fairings as part of TRPT
Lift in that case would be best aligned to provide a shaft expansion force.