Flygen systems are generally seen as a main AWE possibility. On Rope-drive transmission discussion a potential advantage is the motionless rope in y or rotating configurations, avoiding a too fast wear that occurs when the rope transmits mechanical power.

Some interesting possibilities are on See page 9, the Centrifugally Stiffened Rotor-wing (CSR), and also Roeseler’s prior art mentioned on

@someAWE_cb’ and @Rodread’ rotors can have propellers in their tips of blades.

Flygen systems are torque or stationary systems (IMHO) with 16/27 potential Betz limit, continuous power, and only one flight mode.


See also Dave Santos’ topic “The Secret Life of High Voltage Tether Insulation” on : “There are severe limits to how high voltage insulation will tolerate AWES winching cycles when integrated into a primary tension rope (like the M600). Strenuous wear and single-point damage will cause insulation air gaps with moisture intrusion, promoting destructive arcing and steam, and maybe total platform loss…”.


Not sure about the “only one flight mode” @PierreB
in the case of the rotor of a tilted hollow axis network kite (Such as Rotating Reel, Daisy, OTS…) They can be driven to rotate with mechanical torsion supplied from the ground end of the shaft… I’ve tried it… it’s fun… Would love to know if it could be used for transport too.


“only one flight mode” in regard to the two flight modes for yoyo systems.


My original SuperTurbine patent had claims directed towards vehicle propulsion.


There is no limit to how many decades people can go on “analyzing” the millions of potential details, in lieu of ever building and running machines that work. Like the proverbial “blind men describing the elephant” - except there is no elephant. In AWE, the “elephant” is hypothetical - in the future. I would suggest that many here are overly-influenced by people who purport to be leading researchers, while never showing meaningful results (power generation). This type of self-described “expert” claims, on the one hand, to be leading the field in AWE research, talking alternately about generating GigaWatts then TeraWatts, while simultaneously claiming that generating any electricity at all, even 100 Watts to power a standard light bulb is not something they are even interested in pursuing. Depends on whether they are bragging or making excuses. I would recommend forget the endless on-paper or on-screen analysis and gets something running. Then you’ll find you didn;t really even know what you were talking about (Oh gosh, why is it doing this???) or what the main factors were, until you built and ran something and hopefully generated some electricity.

#7 is an interesting message from Dave Santos about “tethered flygen or groundgen control-pod” potentially available on and also on .

FlygenKite could be controled with RC, then fully:

Yoyo and flexible kite, flygen and rigid wing?

And of course Makani.


Some components as motors, RC and wings on


Looks like they’re still playing the “shell-game” of shifting “future activity” locations. “Where is the bean” at any given (future) moment? Under which shell? (Please excuse the pun.) Alameda? Hawaii? Norway? Hurray hurray, step right up and take your best guess!