General questions, Power measurement

Hi are you using software to measure the power from the generator such as arduino and labview? If yes can you share how to do that?

Hi may I know the mechanism of your generator? How it produces power?

Hi @rhena and welcome to this forum.

I experimented several devices of my invention or not. Sharp rotor (Peter Sharp is the inventor, see photos and video) can works as a lifting kite, or a pull-kite by using reeling (yoyo) method. I measured its thrust as indicated on the linked topic, by using steelyards. Its lift-to-drag ratio is about 2/1, that is a good value for a self-rotating device. I did not test it with a generator. A complete system would be possible by using it as a pull-kite, but not necessarily advantageous compared to crosswing kites (such as @Kitepower’s) of which Low radius loop I experimented, measuring only the thrust.

Another system is on Rotating Reel System. I tried to obtain a scalable rotating kite by using only ropes as mean of torque tranfer from the flying rotor to the ground rotor. Unfortunately the last experiments had not been successful.

Makani Kite power calculations topic provides also some informations about flygens.

My purpose is to find a system maximizing the space used.

Hi @rhena ,
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Please tell us a bit about yourself! What are you working on?