Kevin Rand is the Head of Operations, after having worked for Ampyx Power.

Mozaero seems to be taking over from Ampyx Power. Thanks to Dave Santos for providing the link to the Mozaero site.


Thanks for sharing, PierreB.
I checked out the website and found most interesting one of their strategic partners named ‘Kiteswarms’. Implied Kite Networks to me:
“Kiteswarms, we are developing the future of wind energy. We are building vertically ascending kites that are interlinked…”

The link to Kiteswarms is maybe through the MegaAWE or through owner stricture maybe.

Mozaero looks like Ampyx. Curious to if they are able to complete the 150 kW system with a smaller team [at leastI expect their team is small for now].

I would be very vary of a new effort whose first kite was already 150 kW. So either this is a rebranded Ampyx or I dont think their chances of success are too great

Both, in my opinion.

A new opportunity to fail again…

I think we should differentiate between failing and running out of rope…

I know its not black and white. But I dont consider Ampyx to have positively failed. That is, they found some issue related to the design that would require some major change.

They did maybe fail though, in reaching their goal with the money and time at their disposal.

Well said. Hope shames no one.
“Never give up.”