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Pretty clean air flow. Well done on the effort!
Another step towards quiet turbines, I suppose?
Any chance of seeing windswept version for Kite turbines?
You even got a good Db.score. I have noticed how tight the airflow was on your design? I wonder with a few tweaks you could get it tighter? For more high density flow? It looked very close to forming a tornado? Not expecting it to Chuck trucks around? But would be amusing to see a kite turbine on the WMD list? If it possible to multiply airflow phenomena? Then maybe a new direction for energy production?
After all you do get rouge waves in the ocean? Tai chi state use the opponents momentum against them. Use the wind to create more wind.
I suspect a boost in efficiency? Somewhere near the theoretical maximum?
If we’re currently able to toy with vortices? Then maybe a shift in turbines design Is possible?
Great job @Rodread! A top 20 position is for great a shout! Well done rod!

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Or should we say «your» fan? :joy: Nice work!

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Considering I mentioned a while back the Magnus effect?
Awes copters?

For what I see on the video the CycloTech comprises motors with adjustable pitch blades that are similar to vertical axis rotors placed on a horizontal axis (example Darrieus VAWT). There is no Magnus effect: lift is provided by the pitched blades, not by a whole cylinder-like shape rotating within a flow.

For Magnus effect to occur, there must be a flow (wind or sea current) on the rotating rotor. The Magnus rotor generates positive lift when the flow and the direction of rotation are well adjusted.

A Magnus rotor, like the Flettner rotor, is driven by a motor which consumes a lot of energy.

There are self-rotating rotors that generate Magnus effect like Savonius-like kites (photo below) on a horizontal axis, or Sharp rotor.


Yep fair doos! When I first look at the cyclocar from cycloTech It looked little like?

Or the

Which didn’t seam much different due too the arrangement? So yes see it very different!
It acting more like.
But it more like a rotor wing?

Thing I do when I get disturbed abt. @4am by phone calls? Spiny thing look very similar.

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For those looking for speed controls? This might help out? It also reminds me of the chain driven valve gear on 4-6-2 bulleid Pacific’s.

Bit of a long vid but it does go into a deep dive about design? Just to give the basics.

Charging a drone from a pad: Paint Bomb Security DRONES! (AUTONOMOUS) - YouTube

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Towards the end, and in the description, he references a study that describes a continuous process that is able to produce orders of magnitudes more graphene. But even here he was able to produce useful amounts.

Tech Ingredients – Making Graphene could KILL you… but we did it anyway?!

The Next Generation of Ionic Plasma Thrusters (BSI MARK 2) - YouTube

for all those looking at plasmas?
Ewicon of likewise?
mrk2 is here! 4m/s
so would help as an inducer?
i will leave this here for all to enjoy.