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For those looking for speed controls? This might help out? It also reminds me of the chain driven valve gear on 4-6-2 bulleid Pacific’s.

Bit of a long vid but it does go into a deep dive about design? Just to give the basics.

Charging a drone from a pad: Paint Bomb Security DRONES! (AUTONOMOUS) - YouTube

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Towards the end, and in the description, he references a study that describes a continuous process that is able to produce orders of magnitudes more graphene. But even here he was able to produce useful amounts.

Tech Ingredients – Making Graphene could KILL you… but we did it anyway?!

The Next Generation of Ionic Plasma Thrusters (BSI MARK 2) - YouTube

for all those looking at plasmas?
Ewicon of likewise?
mrk2 is here! 4m/s
so would help as an inducer?
i will leave this here for all to enjoy.

i dont know how useful this is to anyone?
i just thought id drop a link?
robert murray smith been busy?

reminded of this?
if this is useful? have a crack at it?

The Airfish is a wing-in-ground (WIG) vehicle.


nice, this is but one example of ground effect vehicles that ive seen. depend on the terminology? but GEV’s is another name for them that normally includes a broader range of vehicle types? which can include hovercrafts? id love to know if AWEs is developing one for power generation?
Ground effect (aerodynamics) - Wikipedia
most famously the russian
I hear there Chinese are currently developing one as a troop transport? which has the usa on the jitters because of Ukraine and the island in the pacific it still patrols? ive been in awe of these craft ever since in known about them? also forms a basic to back to the future style hoverboard? mcfly’s ride over water was probably ground effect? couple with a few other fancy things?

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Tim Hunkin added another 4 videos to his The Secret Life of Components, a series of guides for designers and makers playlist, now on pneumatics, solenoids & relays, hole cutting, and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers).

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Testing an inflated torus, and wings and planes in other videos in the playlist: Flight Loads Laboratory > HIAD: Changing the way we explore other worlds

https://www.reddit.com/user/Ashamed-Shake-9727 > /square_parachute_kite_string_ascender_and_release/

Easy Graphene Production With A Laser Engraver | Hackaday

came across this realising the practical application for it. knowing you guys always are look for new fin and exciting techniques to use and love to save a bit of money along the way?
it is my understand that there is work out there of next gen solar cell using graphene? supposedly can work at night? depending on how it made? broad spectrum solar panel? able to work in both the infered and ultraviolet end of the spectrum. even hear the possibility of it working on cosmic microwave background radiation? it also mean you could have whole kite skins that are fully solar and multi functional?

I shall leave this here for the curious?

Carbon Fiber vs Kevlar vs Fiberglass - Which one is right for YOU? - YouTube

My experience indicates steel is great, but obviously heavy. Carbon fiber has good strength and stiffness for its weight. Fiberglass is floppy and heavier than carbon fiber. Of course this is not really new information… Carbon fiber is a condiuctor. Lightning? Also, you don’t want carbon fiber in long-term contact with aluminum. There is a galvanic reaction that can occur, not unlike that with dissimilar metals. :slight_smile:

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