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Autonomous Ground Effect Vehicle With Computer Vision (Think Flight Collaboration)

Optimising a VTOL

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As I’m a broad spec guy I recently toyed with geodesic structures and their assembly. Using no more than electrical conduit and paracord. I made a pyramid, but no doubt there are other arrangements. I’m curious to know how this would work in a kite setting?

My first attempt at such structures. Im aware of the wide range of applications this could be used for across multiple sectors. Especially for those happy campers and wildlife lovers. As fore mentioned I was toying with the idea. it all reminds me of what @Rodread is doing with windswept and interesting.
This is just two triangles threaded together, then splayed. I Love the odd bit of gardening and construction. I don’t mind the odd freebie when offered. I’ve got enough to make a small dome if I wanted? Or all manner of projects? Clean film was going to be my next port of call.to cover it? it already been dismantled so That just how easy it is to make and disassemble. A few knots and some cord and your away. In the list of thing I had in mind, kayak, canoes, Coracle, domes and arches. Hides, cold frames, Poly tunnels to name but a few. Is suspect there’s more? Even a few awes applications long the lines of skin on frame construction.


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