Scaling a pilot kite

Discussions are now well under way on Scaling Laws in AWES Design.
This topic is about the specific case of a pilot kite, or lifter, as a static and stable kite.

Kite Networks recount numerous stacked kites and rotors compensating the limited size of each element.

But some other designs like Rotating Reel System and others can require the most gigantic lifter as possible. For what I would want the circular shaped configuration looks to be more suitable to go with other elements. What dimensions could reach a parasail or another circular shaped lifter ?

Here is about a 150 feet diameter parachute:

And also a multitude (some network) of parachute kites in a honeycomb structure, forming a roughly circular shape as shown on the Fig. 7 of my last patent, allowing building with available material and avoiding a too high height of a single huge parachute that would undergo the wind shadow due to the blades., and the patent granted is on

Pierre: Thnks for mentioning me in your patent.

And two times: for 1977 and for US6616402.

Likewise thanks also for mentioning Daisy and me. That might make a difference in any priority claims over Daisy designs.