Bryan Roberts' Gyromill (Sky WindPower)

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The Original Flying Electric Generator

Sky Windpower - Power Generation Flight - Angle 2

Sky Windpower - Power Generation Flight - Angle 1

First Completely Autonomous Quadrotor FEG Flight

Skywind Power - Animation of Full Scale FEG Flight

The Stability of a Tethered Gyromill - D.C. Rye (1981).pdf (503.4 KB)

Optimum Twist for Windmilling Operation of a Tethered Rotorcraft.pdf (3.3 MB)

The Flying Electric Generator: evaluating the claims of a largely ignored proposal for generating electricity from high-altitude winds ||| web.archive link

Airborne Wind Energy (2018)
Chapter 23
Quad-Rotorcraft to Harness High-Altitude Wind Energy
Bryan W. Roberts