Designing a kiteplane, and a little on how to control it

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A presentation from AWEC2019:

Off-topic but still related:

Autonomous Slope Soaring - RCTESTFLIGHT

ArduPilot stuff - iforce2d playlist

Also linked to here: Makani Archives

Ornithopter Research by Prof James DeLaurier MRAeS

This talks about the swing test, for kites instead of model rockets, using just your arms, which looks like an excellent first test of your kite to me:

Learning About the Flight Stability with a Tethered Paper Plane:

Rocket stability explanation and testing with swing tests: Rocket Stability - YouTube

This is doing manually what a whirling arm can do non-manually.

X-56 Moment of Inertia Tests

ProjectAir - Simplest Helicopter Ever?

AIR Lab (SUTD) - AIM 2020 - Concurrent Optimization of Flapless Samara (Voice Presentation)

Weixuan Zhang - The Monospinner: a controllable flying vehicle with a single moving part

Evan - World’s first controllable MAV monocopter, Robotic Samara (maple seed)

Charybdis Plans & Article, October 1972 American Aircraft Modeler - Airplanes and Rockets referenced here: How Does This Fly With Only 1 Wing? – RCLifeOn

Tim Station - How I built a Swashplateless Helicopter

rctestflight - Can a Solid Wood Airplane Actually Fly??? - YouTube

From the comments:

AWEbox: An Optimal Control Framework for Single- and Multi-Aircraft Airborne Wind Energy Systems

GitHub - awebox/awebox: Modelling and optimal control of single- and multiple-kite systems for airborne wind energy

An older presentation by Christoph Sieg from KiteSwarms 34C3 - Drones of Power: Airborne Wind Energy. He shows some nice graphs. He shows for example the optimal harvesting height, and also videos of tests.

The reason for posting it here, from minute 23:40 he talks about AWEsome: An open-source test platform for airborne wind energy systems. See also the project above that built on its code.

Instability: The Future of Drones? - Think Flight about trying to design an efficient flying wing and controlling it with ArduPilot.

*MEGA-FAST 200MPH ! * RC PYLON RACERS Competition Race (BMFA NATS 2017)


More on control line flying: Random interesting links - #16 by Windy_Skies

New videos:

CV4 line climber with Altitude Hold - sandydoggy2

CV4/StarPod 3.22 First fully automatic flight profile -sandydoggy2

A static kiteplane not supported by a lifter kite, and flying autonomously: DV-3D, StarPilot+ with Proportional Guard Rails:

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The Most Popular Homebuilt Airplane In The World

An hour-long tour of the Vans Aircraft kit plane factory.

The engineering required to fly fast (Gound Vibration Testing) - DarkAero, Inc

What makes our flight controls different - DarkAero, Inc