Transition from hover to forward

I’m a big fan of Nicholas Rhem and his software
Many AWES utilise a flight regime transition
Are any of them as well designed or explained as this ?


People at MIT are working on this:

A video by them:


Aerobatic flights and all the transitions seem so simple when there is no energy generation as such and no tether.


So true
Bridles and tethering add a lot of complexity to the system control

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Yes. And multiplied many times over if fail safe is to be considered.

I was looking at this and good news is that its quite easy to control a tailsitter. I don’t really get to engaged in the roll becomes yaw discussion. Maybe just need to rethink stick mapping. I mean, people do already hover with «3D model planes». Maybe just a matter of pilot skill rather than fruitful R&D material. Anyways, for AWE the problem is moot because a computer pilot will not care

said the wind turbine… :slight_smile:

If anyone should have got this right @dougselsam

I reckon we need could start a Nicholas Rhem fan club…