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Multiple AWES kites connected together for stability, safety and collective power harvesting benefits.

Sub Methods

  1. Valley filled with tensile lattice to support AWES and other utilities.

  2. Networked lifting kite layers to support AWES

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About train networks, perhaps some similarity with network kites, an author Lorenzio Fagiano being an AWE expert:

Can be it on the topic?


WOW, maybe one day, when the kites flown in a network are as sophisticated as trains.
For the moment …I’ve only flown foam wings with sticks on strings. As for coordinating NMPC over the set of kites in a network…for now, I’ll leave that to the strings

In the meantime, Here’s a media primer on network kite power
Network kite power media primer.pdf (949.5 KB)

an updated - edited - refreshed version Network kite power media primer 3.pdf (1.4 MB)

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Haven’t read the whole thing, but for example:

Regular wind turbines are massively expensive. They are heavy, which means they cannot be moved and worse, producing them consumes huge amounts of energy. Worst of all, they are too small. They barely touch the slowest winds in the atmosphere. More valuable, higher power wind is higher up.

This tells me nothing. And it sounds biased, so “I” don’t trust it. How expensive, how heavy, can they really not be moved, how much does energy and resources does it cost to produce them, and so on and so on. I would make it easy for the journalist and give sources that back up your concrete claims and statements.


A part of these claims favoring AWE over regular wind turbines come also from several AWE companies comprising

("…it uses 90% less material while being twice as efficient as existing technology…")

Evaluations should comprise maintenance (if some elements have a low lifetime, more material is used), real efficiency, land use…

Waiting for papers mentioning the pros and cons with details.